Are You Ready To Become An Innovator?

Are you ready to move past

-the stagnant daily motions that are keeping you where you are in your business because you’re not sure which direction to go in

-the limited mindset the is blocking you from taking your business to the next level

-the income slump that you’re in, even thought you KNOW you were meant to make so much more 

-the “no, no thank you, not today, maybe later” from your audience  every time you offer a new product, service, program… your brilliance 

-the rut you’re in that is keeping you from creating your next big service, course, coaching program, leveling up in your business

-the road block holding you back from reaching your goals

-the limits you’re up against 


Let’s be truthful for a second, you KOW you are meant for so much more but you just FEEL like there is something holding you back, you just don’t know what that something is.

You see all others around you, coaches/mentors/others in your business market simply ROCKING IT, they are living the life you have been dreaming about day in and out.

Can I be honest? I was there not long ago.

At the beginning of 2016 I became a mom, I was terrified, totally in love, and never wanted to leave my house/kiddo again.  But I was working a crappy table waiting job making $2.13 an hour often times for little or no tip because “the coupons were strong here in SW Florida”. I’d get off work, kiss my baby goodnight, and scroll through FB & IG watching those who had been close friends and mentors taking amazing vacations, buying their dream homes, and traveling with their families.  

I WANTED to do that too! I hated my job, I wanted to travel the world while homeschooling my kiddo, I wanted to buy our dream home, I didn’t want to worry if we were going to be able to pay our rent that month, but I felt OVERWHELMED & in a RUT

Fast forward to today where I work full time from home, i’m homeschooling our kiddo, we just bought our dream home in January, and I help other moms do the same thing!

It doesn’t have to be hard.

You can breakthrough the rut, the limiting mindset, the feeling of overwhelm, etc. and hit the income goals you DESERVE!

The Innovative Mastermind Is Now OPEN

This mastermind will normally be $27/month but I want you to be able to try it for just $1 for 7 whole days!!

What’s included & What you can expect

*This mastermind takes place in a members only Facebook group*

-A monthly LIVE training in the Facebook group going DEEP into a new topic each month

-A monthly Q&A session with me LIVE in the FB group to go over ANY of the burning questions you have in your business

-Access to me in the group Monday-Friday to get feedback, ask questions, stay motived, get inspired, and so much more

-Access to all previous lessons, Q&As, and more in the group for as long as you are a member(AKA the longer you are a member the more of a database of crazy in depth info there will be!)

-Mastermind members also get DISCOUNTS on any other programs I have launched and will launch while you are part of the mastermind!

Heck yes! Lock it in! I want to try this out for JUST $1!!