Creating content for videos can be scary as hell! 

What topics do I choose?

How do I create videos that my audience will watch all the way until the end?

Completely baffled by video set up, microphones, lighting, then putting your face in front of people!

What you can expect from The Mompreneurs Content Creation Academy:

  • Week 1: What To Write/Talk About
  • Week 2: How To Speak On Camera & Keep people listening all the way to your pitch
  • Week 3: Tech Made Easy
  • Week 4: Recycling Your Content
  • Week 5: Automation For Sales
  • BONUS Material – How To Make Money On Autopilot!

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Holidays, Birthdays, Vacations, School Projects, Full Time Job Obligations, Family Visiting, and a thousand more reasons to stop you in your tracks and your business falls off the face of the planet as far as your audience is concerned.

What if I told you that you could create 100 days of content in just a few minutes so when life gets busy you don’t have to worry about what you are sharing with your audience.

How AMAZING would that be?

You can sit down for just a few short minutes and knock out 100 days worth of content with this foolproof worksheet.

The BEST part is that once you write the 100 Days of content you can than repurpose the pieces into posts/videos for:

Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Tweets, Training Videos, For Sale Products, And so much more!

I’ve put together this worksheet that you can fill in to easily create 100 days of content. That’s just over 3 months of content that you won’t have to stress about when you’re just really busy enjoying the freedoms entrepreneurial life provides!

This 13 page worksheet is yours RIGHT NOW for only $11

What if I told you that you could make money without ever physically asking someone to buy your stuff?

When you have a Tripwire set up your audience has the ability to see what you have for sale without physically sharing it with them first hand.

I’ve put together a video that will explain to you the basics of a Tripwire

  • How to create a Tripwire
  • How to set up a Tripwire page
  • How to redirect someone to your Tripwire page
  • How to make money on auto pilot!

I want to teach you how to make money without effort; beyond the day you set up your Tripwire.

It’s yours RIGHT NOW for only $7

What if I told you that you could set up an e-mail service provider, create a landing page, start selling your products, making money, and organizing your tasks in as little as an hour?

How AMAZING would that be?

We want to take the hassle out of the technical side of your business!

When the tech hassles aren’t an issue your business can run more smoothly.

The technical side of your business can be easy and we want to show you how!

I’ve put together SEVEN tutorials for you to watch. The videos show you how to use the following tools to the best of your advantage in your business.

Video Tutorials Available: Gumroad, ConvertKit, Trello, Google Calendar, Asana, Course Craft (2 Videos)

These 7 videos provide just over an hour worth of step by step instructions on how to easily navigate the online business systems necessary to run your business seamlessly.

The best part is, you can go back and re-watch the video tutorials any time you want!

These 7 videos are $197 dollars, but until mid 2018 you can snag them for only $27

Are you ready for The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation & Social Media?

Create a month worth of content at once

Free up more time in your work day

See MASSIVE changes in your business presence with less effort

KNOW your audience won’t miss what you are sharing

Unplug whenever without worrying if you’ll fall off the business radar

Free up time to create other projects in your business

       Then It’s time to get your ultimate guide!

 This 22 page printable  guide will walk you through content creation, offers example calendars for scheduling, outlines how to share on social media, includes cheat sheets for using the TO social media sites, and so much more for ONLY $27!

One of the first steps you’ll take when decide to start a business is wonder how the heck to start. Then you’ll wonder where to start. Then you’ll try to figure how you’ll actually make money.  With this 4 week e-mail course you’ll get:

  • Training videos explaining exactly how to get started
  • Interactive handouts so that you can put in the work NOW to build your business and your dreams
  • Unlimited e-mail access and Facebook chat support from me
  • Unlimited feedback from me on your website, social media shares, landing pages, e-mail sequences, etc.
  • A community of business building moms who are all pushing for the same goals as you

The course is $197 dollars, but it’s yours RIGHT NOW for only $37

This 6-week program is for entrepreneurs who are ready to make their first 5K in their business

Here’s The Breakdown Of Our 6 Weeks Together:

Week 1(February 26th)-Organization & Brain Dumping

Week 2- Content Creation Strategy

Week 3- Opt Ins/List Building

Week 4- Engagement & Automation

Week 5-Course Creation

Week 6 – Sales Avenues

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How Does DAILY Accountability And Strategy Sound?

How would your business expand if you had TWO dedicated coaches daily to support you in your business?

How would daily check-ins with TWO business strategists change the face of your business?

How would that type of direct access and daily support change the face of your business?

Here’s What You Get In The 2:1 Coaching Mastermind:

  • An in-depth assessment so we are clear on your business and goals before your first session
  • A 30-minute Zoom Laser Session before your 6 weeks start to build momentum, set up a plan of action, and kick start your success
  • A customized strategy and plan for you to follow so you know exactly what to do everyday
  • Unlimited daily “check-ins”
  • Direct access to both Lauren & Nicole (no VA’s) Monday-Friday
  • Feedback, encouragement, and tips customized to you and your business

  • 6 weeks of accountability to make sure you stay on track to hit your goals

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