Man, can this just be a #MomBlog for a minute? What a week we’ve had here in our house. Our kiddo is in the process of cutting another big boy tooth which means runny nose, congestion, clingy, and needing his mommy. Then mommy had an in home lymphatic massage, which was a different experience all together, and the next day my throat was on fire and I was tired; which in all fairness I was told would probably happen. But there was a lot of couch surfing, movie watching, snuggling, soup eating, and sleeping this week. What did that mean for mommy’s business? It meant working in pockets of time!

I got into business so that I could put my family first. When we found out that we were pregnant I knew that I didn’t want to have to rely on childcare, calling off from work, having to ask a boss permission to take care of my child, but I also wanted to be able to help my family financially. Since my family comes first but I still have to work I can’t always sit down and work in a designated “work time”. Now don’t get me wrong, I usually get up before the kiddo and get a large chunk of my work done in that time frame. But sometimes, like this past week, when our bodies are healing and mommy is up 300X’s a night caring to little needs, getting up early just wasn’t something I was willing to do.

So, pockets of time, what does that really mean. It means just what it sounds like, it means working whenever I had a chance. When I got up naturally, and the kiddo was still sleeping, I pulled out my laptop and answered e-mails, after a snuggle session that had him snoozing in my arms I answered my 1:1 clients, when daddy got home and had some 1:1 with the tiny tot I engaged on social media, after a calming bath and bed time I worked a smidge more. The beauty of pockets of time are that I’m never saying “not now, no I can’t, but I have to xyz”.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with with working in pockets of time is working from a to-do list. This is an IMPERATIVE part of working in pockets of time. When you have the time to sit and work you NEED to know what it is you’re working on. Otherwise, you’re going to sit and feel stressed out because you:
A. Don’t know what you’re doing
B. Won’t know what needs accomplished
C. Will sit and scroll and get nothing done

You NEED to know what you’re doing in order to maximize your time effectively. Working in pockets of time can move your business forward on your own schedule while being present in your families lives.

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