It’s December of 2018, can you believe it?? Do you know what that means?  It’s time, well its been time, but it’s time to really get serious about prepping your business for 2019. If you don’t have a 2019 plan in place you NEED to RIGHT NOW!  Yes, I’m getting into the all caps situation because it’s serious my dear.  You’re a business owner, you want to be successful, well then you NEED to get your butt in gear if it’s not already moving.

You need a game plan, you need to be speaking TO your audience, you need to have a schedule, but you need to be able to enjoy the holidays with your family right 😉 Let’s cover some “stuff” to get you ready for the new year.  

1. Make A Plan– Start by making a list:

  • New product creation 
  • Promotions
  • Lives
  • Events
  • Masterclasses
  • Blogs
  • E-mail writing
  • Client follow ups

Whatever it is that you need to accomplish between now and January 1 write it down-type it out doesn’t matter, you just need a list.  From that list assign tasks to each day/week from here until the end of the year.  You want to start off 2019 running right?  Well you need to know what it is you’ll be sharing, how you’ll share it, with who you’ll be sharing it, and you can’t do any of that if you have no idea what you’ve got to share. The holidays are fast approaching, before they swallow you up make a schedule now so that you have direction.  Also, when you are sharing content make sure it REALTES to whatever it is you share and is interesting to your ideal client.  If you’re not the best at creating content check out Content Is Cash Academy to master your content and have ideal clients beating down your door to work with you! 

2. Plan Out Your Content  There’s nothing worse than watching someone announce they are in business, start following them for all of their amazingness, only for them to have this or that come up and ghost you (the ideal client).  This is no way to run a business.  You MUST be there for your audience even when your own life is moving quickly.  You must consistently show up for your audience if you want them to trust you, love you, and buy from you.  The easiest way to make this happen is by planning out your content so that no matter what your day throws at you you’ll be there for your audience with amazing did bits/advice/blogs/etc.  Check out Content Is Cash Academy to make your content flow easily and naturally. 

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You are about to be AMAZED how much easier your business will be once your content is planned out.

3. Delegate- You are busy mom, your business is taking off, you’ve got work to complete and a family to love on.  I promise that you can accomplish it all BUT you need to hand off things this year.  Unless you want to be complete exhausted by the time Jan 1 rolls around enlist the help of your spouse, in-laws, kiddos, neighbors, etc..  Your husband is more than capable of gathering and washing a load or two of laundry, your kids can pick up their own toys (under potential moans and groans but it’ll still get done without you doing it for them). You don’t have to bake ALL the cookies yourself this year, your family can entertain the kiddos a few times this month… you get the idea… you need some help. I know this is much more difficult for some than other but it will save you time, stress, and money on the excessive amount of wine you will undoubtedly want when the holidays are well under way 😉

4. Say NO- Your time is important!  let me say that again, YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT!  While the holidays are a hustle and bustle time you have BIG goals which means you cant be in your kitchen 24/7 baking 400,000 cookies for the PTA’s upcoming bake sale. You don’t have to be the one to let out Aunt Mildred’s cat. You don’t have to make ALL of the costumes for the Christmas play.  SAY NO! 

Now, I’m not saying ignore everyone, but honor your time too.  You are working through your list of tasks and when they are done you want to be able to send quality time with your family. If you say yes to everything you’re going to stress yourself out and do you know what will be the first thing you nix from your agenda? I do… it’ll be your business tasks. I see it happen every single year from mompreneurs.  Respect the fact that you have made AMAZING momentum thus far and you need to keep that momentum going in order to start 2019 with a BANG!

5. Create Office Hours & Stick To Them- This will be one of the biggest stress relievers for you throughout the Holidays.  I’m going to use me as an example, I get up between 5-5:30 during the week, sometimes on the weekend too, and I work on “work tasks” until it’s time to get the kiddo up.  My husband gets up and is out the door for work around 5:40 which means that I have an uninterrupted block of time where the house is quiet and I can simply crush my to-do’s.  This leaves the rest of my day to play with the kiddo, bake the cookies, decorate the house, snuggle and watch the Christmas movies, help the neighbors, etc..  Would I love to sleep in every single day, ummmm YESSSSSS.. but I can’t because

  1. I run a Business Coaching business
  2. It’s thriving
  3. If I don’t show up and do my work people lose trust in me and what I share

What would be the point of all the hard work I’ve already put in if I simply just don’t show up regularly?  Decide what times during your day work best for your “Office Hours” and stick to them on the days you dedicate to work days.  Doesn’t have to be the AM, maybe your a nap time hustler, a post bedtime hustler, a pocket of time hustler, whenever your hustling just make sure you show up and show out when you do it because you NEED to make your business a priority too!

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You are about to be AMAZED by how much spare time you actually have in your day!

Stick to a plan momma and you WILL survive the holidays and successfully take off running into 2019 having crushed your business goals for 2018!


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