For as long as I can remember i’ve had the deep passion for the entrepreneurial life. I have turned my business into something people recognize and all while being able to raise our son and being present in my families lives.


I have read the personal development books recommended to me, I’ve attended the seminars most recommended by those more successful than me, I’ve taken actionable steps to make sure i’m taking steps to always move forward.  But there are times where I am just “in my routine” doing what I do and someone will ask “What Do You Do That Keeps You Successful Or Moving Forward?”


Sometimes I stumble and just say “I don’t know” because in any given moment i’m just “doing what I do” out of formed habit.  But when I think about where I was five years ago and where I am today it’s easy to see the many many differences. Not only is my business moving forward at speeds I never imagined, but my clients businesses are thriving and it’s thankful to some tried and true tips to be successful.

If you want to make something of your business, your finances, your LIFE than you’ll want to check out these 10 habits of highly successful people.  These are tips I follow on a daily basis to not only keep my business moving forward but to keep my life upbeat and positive!

  1. Create Then Go After Goals
  2. Focus On Being Productive, Not Just Busy
  3. Make Logical Decisions, Not Rushed
  4. Stop Being Perfect
  5. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  6. Keep Things SIMPLE
  7. Continually Improve Upon Yourself
  8. Track Your Progress- Make Measurable Strides
  9. Remain Positive Even When You Fail
  10. Spend Time With Others Who Motivate You

So many of these tips revolve around having a positive attitude on life and I can’t stress it enough you MUST think positively for positive things to happen in your life!

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