Money, money, money, maybe it’s not polite to talk money for some people but I am NOT one of those people.  I very much love speaking on money, I think it’s wonderful when people have a healthy relationship with money.  The better a relationship you have with money they more money will come into your life.  Is that not something exciting to think about?  Money coming into your life!

I have no doubt that one of you, or many of you, reading this would LOVE to attract more money into you life RIGHT NOW! Tell me i’m wrong.

Well here’s the thing, I KNOW that you can attract more money into your life and I can tell you because I do it regularly myself.  I must be fully honest when I tell you that I have not always been a fan or believer of attracting things I want into my life.  There was a time, not long ago, where i’d look at things that I wanted or needed and i’d be mad that I couldn’t get them for this reason or that.  I was give a wonderful book The Magic Path Of Intuition by Florence Scovel Shinn and life changed.  Through practicing a few simple steps DAILY and thinking positively about money life alters in ways that you could never imagine.

Are you ready to change your life?


1. Write yourself a check & pin it somewhere you can see it daily –  I’m serious, go grab your checkbook or print out a blank check online and write yourself a check for the amount you want to bring into your life.  When you have something to visualize, the money that WILL come into your life, you become more excited in anticipation of the comings.

2. Clean up your wallet & your handbag– There is no way new money can come into your life and into your wallet if theres simply no room in your wallet for it.  Throw out or file old receipts,  throw out used up gift cards, toss the block buster card (you don’t need it 😉 ), whatever you’ve got to do to make the room for all the money that will undoubtedly be heading your way.

3. Be Generous to strangers – keep some cash in your wallet for the sole purpose of giving it away to those in need.  This might seem counterproductive when you’re trying so hard to bring money into your life.  Well when you give money away in the for of a blessing you are showing the universe that you are open, compassionate, and willing to share your abundance.  You are signaling to the universe that you have so much that theres no problem sharing the results when they start flowing in easily.

4. See a penny pick it up –  Do you remember that rhyme from when we were children.  “See a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck”. It still rings true today.  Sadly most people will pass by coins and it never occurs to them to pick them up anymore.  Well heres the thing, money is money. When you walk past coins laying round you’re pretty much telling the universe “no thanks, I don’t need any money”.  Rather than walking past without a care, look with intention and pick up what you find. Once you find something celebrate it. Get as excited as you were as a child when you found a coin. The more excited you are about finding money the more you’ll happen to find.

5. Go window shopping – Pull up your web browser, head to the mall, open a real estate book, head to the outlets, and look at the things you desire most.  Make a mental note of how you’ll feel once you have the things you most desire.  Think about how wonderful it’ll be WHEN you finally have your hands on whatever it is you’re admiring.  By getting excited you are setting into motion what the universe will be bringing into your life.  You must genuinely believe what you are window shopping for will soon be yours.

When you put it out there for the universe to hear that you are ready to receive money into your life you open the doors for it to in fact come into your wallet and your accounts.  I know this may seem silly to you at this point. I know I turned my nose up at this idea once upon a time too.  I promise though, once you are open to the idea of changing your life it can easily be done, but you must believe it can truly happen for it to happen.  Once you believe I promise you will receive!



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