I cant speak for you but I have definitely needed school in the area of getting motivated and staying focused before.  Ever since becoming a mom it has been a daily learning experience for balancing what I enjoy, balancing the kiddos needs, balancing my work life, and time with my SO.
Organization is an important part of controlling your time and not letting your time control you.  I want to share with you some ways that helped me focus and spend my time on the things that really matter.
1. Make A List
This is where you can list out everything that is important to you.  This list should also include things you might not enjoy doing but need done (household work for example). This list will help give you an idea of what you need to spend your time doing.  From the list you can block off time that slots where you can accomplish each task in.  This helps keep those daunting tasks, house cleaning, set to specific times that you can physically see ending at a certain time. Working form a list not only helps keep you organized but it can free up time elsewhere in your day to do the things you enjoy most; spending time with your family.
2. Define Goals
This could be another list or even a dream board.  Knowing and seeing your goals can help keep you focused and moving forward towards your big priorities.    When writing your goals don’t limit yourself to just right now goals, or goals that you know you can easily achieve.  Write down the BIG goals you have for you, your family, your business, because once you write them down you put them out in the universe to begin to form into a reality.  You can sync your priorities to your goals so that you spend your time focused on projects that help you achieve these goals.
3. Focus On Where You Spend Your Time
You’ve made a list, you’ve outline your goals, now you need to know where to spend your time so that you can align your productivity to your goals. One day keep track of your daily activities, your social media scrolling, your excessive dishwashing, how many times you pick up the house, and figure out where you are spending a majority of your time.
You can use this FREE Finding Free Time guide to help track this

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From here figure out where you can reallocate your time for more productive projects that will help you reach your goals.  ​
4. Decide What You Can Give Up
Once you have figured out where you are spending your time –> Find Your Free Time <-- you can start to reprioritize your day time.  Obviously if you found yourself scrolling through social media for two hours you could definitely cut that back to make more time for the things that matter.  Maybe you cut back your scrolling and take the kids to the park for an hour. Not only will the kids be happy but they will come home tired enough that they just want to rest which will leave mom with some quite time to focus on a work project.  You obviously wont be able to eliminate many things from your list, you will still need to make sure the dishes are done, but you might find you do NOT need to do dished 4 times a day.  Instead do your dishes ONCE a day.  It might drive you nuts at first (I know it did me) but I promise you become ok with the fact that you have extra time throughout your day to do other projects.
5. Schedule Priorities 
At this point (or shortly after finishing this blog) you will know exactly what your priorities are.  In order to KEEP these things as priorities you must schedule times to make them happen.  I make this easy by creating a master weekly schedule.  Start by scheduling your #1 priority and working your way down your priorities list adding them to your schedule. In these slots remind yourself that these priorities spots can not be moved or pushed aside. So as a mompreneur maybe you schedule them during nap time, independent study time, sporting practices, whenever you know you’ll have some focus time. ​
Getting organized and focused is to put your priorities first.  Know exactly what you want to accomplish, when you want to accomplish it, what items are non negotiable for you, your mom life, and your business life and then focus on what matters most.  While this can’t happen 365 days a year, you’re a mom and the mom life throws you curveballs now and then but Don’t let your day control you, rather you should be the one controlling your day 😉

Until Next Time Mommas,

Lauren ​​

P.S. What are your best tips and tricks for getting & staying organized? Comment below!