Presentations, live events, webinars, trainings, etc. are FANTASTIC ways to share what you know and engage with your audience. You have the ability to truly share your content with your audience in a way that shares who you are and what you know.
BUT when you decide you are ready to do trainings in a recording form, live form, video form its best to work on your presentation prior to sharing.  You want your audience to feel comfortable with what you have to share, you want to be considered the “go to” person for your topic, you want to be taken seriously when you present therefore you’ll want to do some leg work prior to jumping in.
1. Be Confident – When you are confident it brings power to the information you’re presenting.  Confidence helps others know that the information you are sharing is important to you and to them. You are AMAZING at what you do, you need to recognize that and own it!
2. Be Organized– Before you speak make sure you are well organized.  Not only will you look more professional in your presentation but by having order to your presentation your listener will be able to more easily grasp what you are sharing.  You can chronologically organize your topic, logically organize, give step by steps, etc.
3. Be Authentic– Don’t be afraid of being yourself.  Part of why your audience loves you is because you are YOU.  Share your own experiences with your audience to foster a sense of relatability.  Your audience will connect with you more easily if they feel as though you are not afraid to be yourself.
4. Be Giving– When you share your content give your audience enough that they can take something away with them.  Share freebies that you may have to offer to help entice future relationship building.
5. Be Engaging– Being able to engage with your audience might mean being a good storyteller.  Connect with your audience on a personal level that they can relate to.  They are there to listen to what you have to share but make sure to make what youre sharing is fun and engaging in some way.  No one likes to listen to someone drum on in a monotoned voice for an hour about any topic.
6. Focus On Your Tone & Speech–  For the love of all that is good BEFORE you present practice what you are going to share and eliminate filer words such as “like, umm, uhh, well, so, etc”  you should also avoid things like smacking your lips, clicking your tongue, or speaking in a monotoned vice.
You CAN be a presenter, a speaker, a live trainer but before diving head first be sure you do the bit of leg work required to make sure you are the IT person for your presentations! If you want to start planning your content for your upcoming presentation snag your FREE content creation planner below!

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You are about to be AMAZED how much easier your business will be once your content is planned out.

Until Next Time Mommas,

Lauren ​​

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