Social media can be the BIGGEST blessing for your business or it can cause problems for your business.  You can reach an infinite amount of people through social media, as it is the most widely used source of information today.  But when it comes to running your business on social media there are a number of mistakes many business owners make.  While these mistakes are not made intentionally they are still things that can be avoided with a little bit of awareness and effort.
I will be honest, I made a number of these mistakes when I first got into business.  I don’t want you all to make the same mistakes I made 😉
I want to cover the top 10 social media mistakes many business owners are making.  Take a look and then evaluate your social media platforms to see if there are areas that you can improve on.
1. No Social Media Plan– If you don’t have goals or know where you’re going to spend your energy you wont be able to track your success.  Plan to share on certain days, at certain times, certain pieces of information so that you can see who is following, what your audience enjoys, and what will or wont work for your brand.
2. No Content Strategy- Content leads to conversion, conversations build relationships, relationship create customers, customers generate income. SHARE SHARE SHARE!!
3. No Consistent Presence– Sharing here and there with your e-mail list, blog, Facebook, IG, Pinterest, etc. will lead to a lack of following or interest.  Show up everyday on your platforms, share engaging content, and show excitement about your business and what it can do for your audience.
4. Not Acting Like A Human Being- Speak to your audience on social media the way you’d like to be treated in person.  The way you speak with your audience sets the tone for your business.
5. No Commitment to Social Media- So many who start new businesses online will start a social media page, go gung ho at first, and a short six months later have all but abandoned their social media presence because it is not made a priority.  Commit to sharing on social media at least once a day in order to stay present for your audience.
6. No Responses To Comments–  When your audience comments on your content you should reply to encourage their future participation.  Happy audience will lead to happy customers.
7. No Brand Consistency- Make sure your brand is something memorable for your audience.  Use the same colors, use the same fonts, use the same tone, etc on ALL platforms that you choose to use.
8. No Lead Generator–  If you are encouraging your audience to subscribe to your e-mail list you are leaving money on the table.  By capturing e-mails you have a list of of individuals who values the information you are providing. You will be able to share your paid offers with them and the chances of purchases are more likely.
9. No Description- When you set up your page you should complete all areas of information.  If you simply say “Hi, I’m So and So” but never tell them about you or your business you are not giving them a reason to follow you or show interest in you.  Give some information about who you are and what you can do for your audience!
10. Not Having Fun– If you are always black tie and jacket your audience may see you as a corporate robot and show less interest.  If you are running a business for pet grooming share cute pictures of the pups you groom.  If you are run an accounting firm share a story about a client who had great success because of the work you did.  Be human, be relatable, be excited about your business!
I have NO doubt that you are rocking your business, I have no doubt that you WILL succeed, I have NO doubt that whatever your goals are you will reach them.  I just want to make sure that you aren’t missing some of the simple, yet often over looked, elements of running a business on social media! 
A large portion of these involved being present for your audience while remaining personable.  This was one of my biggest hurdles in the beginning but with a little practice it becomes second nature.  ​
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