Should I start a website?  The answer is YES! 
If you’ve started a webpage and you’re looking to get more organized than keep reading because were about to get to the nitty gritty. ​
Websites can grow and evolve as you and your business begin to grow but no matter how much you grow it is best to keep the clutter to a minimum.  Too many adds, to much scrolling to see what they want, too many pop ups, excessive amounts of content all over every page can all make for confusion and distraction.  When you started your business you decided you wanted to do “something” and that something will be what is displayed on your webpage.  If you have a TON of stuff floating all around your website your followers might not be able to tell what your message is.
Ok- so what are the absolute MUST haves for a website?
This number varies a teeny tiny bit but the magical number is close to 5
–About Section–
–Contact Me Page/Newsletter–
There are times where I personally feel you can split number 4 into two pages, one for freebies and one for paid products, but be careful with where you direct people.  ​
You need to think of how you want to be viewed when someone new comes to your page
  • You need a space to make your first impression (your homepage) Give a little info about what you are doing
  • You need a space to share with your audience who you are, what you do, and what your mission is (your about)
  • You need a space to share your content (Blog/Vlogs/Podcasts) This is a place where you can offer information to your audience CONSISTENTLY each week
  • You need a space to share what you offer (Products/Offers/Freebies) I personally have a freebies page and a courses page. Theres nothing I hate more than going to someones page and having to scroll and click on a ton of things before finding their freebies to see whether or not they are someone i’d want to invest in.  You will do what you feel is best for your business though.
  • You need a space for people to message you (Contact Me Page/Newsletter) After someone has a chance to peruse your site you want them to be able to reach out to you if they have questions. You can offer a simple e-mail me option or you can direct them to your newsletter.

Waalaa, super simple, you don’t need anything super bogged down with things here and there and content everywhere.  If you are running an online business you want your audience to be able to get a peek at what you do, learn a few things, and opt-in to one of your freebies.

Keep the extra hullabaloo off your website, save yourself tons of time, and make real connections by helping others!

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